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Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a comprehensive list of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you have a question, take a look to see if it's been asked before! If you read through this and find your question still hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to jump into our chat box or post a topic in our guest-friendly help forum.


  1. Do I need to know anything about Sailor Moon to join?
  2. May I join the ongoing site event/mini-event?
  3. What does my character know about what's happened so far in the plot?
  4. Your plot moves very slowly, so how does my character get involved?
  5. What can I expect to do once my character has been accepted?
  6. Activity:

  7. What do you expect in terms of activity and how active is your site?
  8. Why was I moved to the inactive group?
  9. Character Creation:

  10. Can I play...?
  11. Will you have any time travel plots or characters from the future in play?
  12. Fate & Fate Encounters:

  13. What is Fate?
  14. What is a Fate Encounter?
  15. Why did Fate post in my shipper?
  16. What is the point of Fate Encounters?
  17. Shop:

  18. When I try to use an item I purchased in the shop, it says it's unusable. How do I use it?
  19. What does the “mystery” item mean and can I purchase one?
  20. Can my unawakened character purchase a memory?
  21. What's the difference between a Memory Fragment and a Full Memory?
  22. Can I purchase an awakening after my character already awakened?
  23. Can an unawakened character purchase a side quest?
  24. Awakened Characters

  25. Can I change my character's planetary preferences/note a character to awaken first?
  26. My character has awakened - now what?
  27. Can my character have more than one weapon?
  28. Will awakened characters be able to recognize each other?
  29. Will awakened characters be able to recognize those that had been corrupted and vice versa? Will the characters who haven’t been awakened recognize either?
  30. How will an awakening or corruption for some characters influence in-character interaction as a whole?
  31. Can I opt out of awakening my character?
  32. Silver Millennium

  33. Can I roleplay in the Silver Millennium?
  34. Why is my unawakened character not allowed to roleplay in the Silver Millennium?
  35. Do I have to buy a memory to rp in the Silver Millennium?
  36. Rolling & Dice Mechanics

  37. How do I roll the dice?
  38. When do I roll?
  39. Can I roll in a regular thread?

Do I need to know anything about Sailor Moon to join?
No, you don’t need to know anything from Sailor Moon. We have our own plot and, as mentioned in our concept and guidelines, we have taken great liberties with the canon to suit our needs. While some things may seem familiar, the reappearance of most other canon elements is largely up to our site plot progression and, when it comes to spells and items, the players’ choice.
May I join the ongoing site event/mini-event?
Unfortunately, no. Because our events and mini events are heavily planned and used to push our site plot along, we use event sign-ups. We need to know who we can count on to be active for the event’s duration. If you sign up, we expect you to follow our event guidelines, as we do the best we can to do the same. Once our event signups is closed and the event itself is started, the only characters who may join them are the ones who are listed in that event’s thread. Everyone else will have to wait until the next event unless we have an idea where we can use their specific character earlier. Those characters will be subsequently tagged into a thread once we work out its specifics.
What does my character know about what's happened so far in the plot?
Everything mentioned on the SF X-Files page is common knowledge! Discussion about news stories, local radio interviews, podcasts, newspaper articles, etc. happens IC on the web forum here as well. All information discussed here is common knowledge of what's been happening, so feel free to use it!
Your plot moves very slowly, so how does my character get involved?
Our plot does move very slowly, due in part to our varying levels of activity and the scope of our game mechanics. However, there's still a lot you can do! While the main plot focuses heavily on big events, our focus is interpersonal relationships between characters - the individual character stories within the larger plot. We encourage everyone to focus on their character growth and reacting organically to the plot as it becomes revealed. And, because we move slowly, you have a chance to focus on every moment.

Between events, we also have Fate Interventions where the Fate account will step in for a post or two and throw something related to the plot or the supernatural or just something unexpected for your character(s) to react to. For more information on Fate and Fate encounters, Click Here.

What can I expect to do once my character has been accepted?
Once your character has been accepted, post in some shippers and get some plotting started! Even though we have a lot of members who have been with us since the beginning, we always try to go out of our way to integrate new characters and members, so don't be afraid to start a conversation. You can also hit up our #plot-talks channel in Discord to see if anyone online would like to thread with you. We have members with all different sorts of activity levels, so you shouldn't be hurting for things to do. There are also a lot of wanted ads you can fill, and many ongoing character plotlines you can jump into, so feel free to ask around - we don't bite!

What do you expect in terms of activity and how active is your site?
Our activity expectations are outlined in our concept and guidelines. This forum is meant for fun, and our activity rules are very lax. We understand how demanding real life can be, so we go at each other’s pace, which can swing from very slow to very fast. You can check out our list of active topics to gauge our current activity level.
Why was I moved to the inactive group?
You may have been labeled inactive for the following reasons:
  • You failed to finish your application on time
  • You didn’t do anything after registering
  • You asked us to archive this account during one of our interest checks
  • You disappeared off the face of the site for longer than two months without notice
We never move you to the inactive group without warning, so be sure to check your PM inbox! Our staff will try to check in with you first before moving you.

To be moved back to the active usergroup and get all of your topics unarchived, just reach out to one of our staff team and we'll be happy to do so for you.

Character Creation

Can I play...
A canon character? No. If you saw our canon list, you might have noticed that it's mostly empty. All characters created start out as humans - a blank slate. Through writing, development, event participation, etc, you'll reveal what drives your character and we'll use that to assign them a canon role, awakening them to their true identity. This gives everyone a fair chance, so you may not apply directly for a canon.

You may submit your ideas for canon roles in the part of the application process where you’re asked to name three planets you may have thought about when writing that character, and, while we will take them into consideration, they’re not a guarantee. If we feel that your character does not fit any of the suggestions you gave, we will awaken them to what we feel they best represent.

A canon character from later Sailor Moon seasons? No. For now, our plot revolves around the characters in our canon list. We are very AU, and any canon roles that may seem similar to the source material have been heavily modified to suit our plot. If they are not listed in our canon list, they are not currently up for discussion.

An original Senshi? No. At this time, the only Senshi available for play are on the canon list. We are not taking applications for any original Senshi at this time or in the foreseeable future.

A werewolf, vampire, shapeshifter, other supernatural creature, etc...? No. There’s always the Alternate Universe forum, if you would like to, but our universe does not have werewolves, vampires, or humans with supernatural abilities unless you count the youma, awakened characters, and other groups' “members” who worked hard to develop said ability (i.e. Shinto priests, Wiccans, etc).

A youma? No. In Sailor Moon, youma are monsters used to gather energy. Our youma are controlled by staff and are NPCs. You may, however, create a human and allow them to become corrupted by evil.

An idea I have? You’ll have to bring it up with us first if you feel it’s something that normally doesn’t belong in the Sailor Moon universe. Just send one of the staff a PM Once you've pitched your idea, we’ll discuss it amongst ourselves and get back to you with the decision as soon as we can.

Will you have any time travel plots or characters from the future in play?
Not currently. Our current plot does not involve time travel, but may be an option in the future. Once we have a Sailor Pluto and other members of the Plutonian court, this may come back up for discussion. Canonically, Sailor Pluto is the guardian of secrets of Space-Time travel (and in our game, those of Pluto Court aid her in this endeavor), and the only way that people may travel in Space and Time in the Sailor Moon universe is through her help.
Fate & Fate Encounters

What is Fate?
Fate is a staff-controlled account that is used to run events, hold Galaxy Cauldron points, post random Fate encounters, etc. This is a mechanic we use in-game to keep things interesting and engaging, as well as push along our plot. Fate can enter any thread at any time to throw something at you, and its encounters are completely random. The only way to keep Fate out of your thread(s) is to use the "No Fate" post icon when starting a thread.
What is a Fate Encounter?
Fate Encounters are when Fate enters a non-event thread to cause trouble. Fate usually enters a thread for one post and then leaves, but sometimes may stick around for a while to see a certain situation or circumstance through. There's no way to predict which threads Fate will enter or for how long, however threads posted in our Threads to Look Out For topic have a higher likelihood of it, though it is never a guarantee. Fate Encounters happen as our staff has time for them, so think of them as an added surprise instead of something to rely on.
Why did Fate post in my shipper?
Fate posted in your shipper to because it would like to see an encounter between your character and another or even see your character in a certain situation. When these posts happen, Fate is not offering to lead a thread for you - however there is a higher likelihood that it will intervene at some point for a random encounter. Often, it posted in your shipper because your character relates to a side quest or it's looking to see a certain dynamic between your character and another for canon awakening reasons. It's hard to say exactly why it suggested an encounter, but there is always a reason - it's looking for something!
What is the point of Fate Encounters?
When we post Fate Encounters, it's because we're looking for how your character(s) react to the unexpected situation given to them. These random events help us determine where your character might fit in our canon list or how they might influence our next event. We're usually pushing for something specific, and your characters' actions help determine what kind of person they are. And Fate takes notice!

When I try to use an item I purchased in the shop, it says it's unusable. How do I use it?
Let one of our staff team know you purchased it and we'll apply it to your account. Unfortunately, there's no automatic way to do this. The easiest way to let us know is to post in the stat-updates channel in Discord. You can also PM any of our staff team directly. During an event, any purchases won't be applied until after the event is over. So if you told us about it during that time and we still haven't updated your account when the event closes, give us a reminder! We have a lot going on and don't want you to slip through the cracks.
What does the “mystery” item mean and can I purchase one?
The mystery item can be either purchased in our shop, gifted by another member, or found while participating in an event or dream thread (in which case they will be awarded by the Fate account). Whatever way you obtain the mystery item, it’s up for our staff to decide what purpose it will have on our site. More often than not, this item will play a part in our plot at a later date, and in some cases, it might also be a signal for us to consider your character for awakening.
Can my unawakened character purchase a memory?
Yes! Even if you character never awakens, it's possible that they've had a past life during the Silver Millennium - that's up to your discretion! However, if your character is not awakened, this memory will be more vague than the one granted to the awakened characters. The most you may get might be a generic flashback to the past, specific information about a canon role (such as mercury advisor's ability to intercept and pass along messages), or a piece of information about our current plot.
What's the difference between a Memory Fragment and a Full Memory?
A Memory Fragment is just that - a fragment of a memory from the Silver Millennium remembered in the middle of a regular thread during that character's present. When you buy a Memory Fragment, Fate will appear in an ongoing thread to drop a quick memory. This memory may be purchased by either an awakened or unawakened character. Once your character is awakened, you may choose to roleplay this memory out in a thread for no additional cost, however only the character that purchased it will remember it and there will be no further involvements by Fate. You may also purchase a memory fragment to remember an ongoing or finished Silver Millennium thread, however there will be no Fate involvement for this option.

A Full Memory is an actual thread in the Silver Millennium with heavy Fate involvement. It can only be purchased by awakened characters. The thread may either be led by Fate (similar to an event) or with several consecutive Fate Interventions. It is suggested to keep in communication with Fate for where you want this thread to go or what you want to explore or accomplish with it. You can end up learning a lot about an ongoing side quest or the main plot this way, which is why it costs extra!

Can I purchase an awakening spotlight after my character already awakened?
No. A character can only awaken once, though you may purchase awakening spotlights for your unawakened characters. An awakening spotlight does not guarantee an awakening, as there are certain things we look for to awaken a character, but it ensures the staff will be keeping a very close eye on your character.
Can an unawakened character purchase a side quest?
Yes! Each side quest is tailored specifically for the character that purchased it. You don't need to be awakened to get involved in the plot and go off on an adventure.
Awakened Characters

Can I change my planetary preferences/note a character I want to awaken first?
Yes! If you feel like your character's initial preferences aren't right for them anymore, or you want to let staff know about your preference for one character over another to be awakened, post in our moderation thread and we'll make a note of that! We can't promise that your character will awaken from your preferences, or before your others- especially if we've got a strong idea of a different character of yours! But knowing this does let us know your plans and help us plan accordingly.
My character has awakened - now what?
Chances are that, unless you talked to us already, you’ve received a PM on the account of that character that lists all your next steps in the immediate future. This includes their powers, how to create your skills and abilities, etc. Read through it carefully and let us know if you have any questions - we’ll be glad to help you.
Can my character have more than one weapon?
Your awakened character STARTS with ONE magical weapon. An extra weapon can be purchased from our store or gained through participation in events, IC threads, and development, all of which help your character level up as the game progresses. For more on levels, please see our game system guide.

If you do have multiple magic weapons, how they appear or are summoned or if your character keeps them on them at all times is up to you. If switching weapons, you will need to READY it (a minor action) before you can use it.

If your character isn’t awakened, the only weapons they may have are the ones they either wield regularly (i.e. a cop with his gun, a chef with her knife, etc.) or that the discover during the event. Aside from that, carrying and/or owning a weapon IC will more than likely have IC consequences for your character, so keep that in mind when mentioning anything of the above. Any weapon not bought from the store will have limitations up to the discretion of the event moderator.

Will awakened characters be able to recognize each other?
Yes, awakened character will be able to recognize each other, but on very generic level. They may be able to note that someone seems different from how they used to be if they met each other earlier, but they won’t be able to tell each other’s planet and class until they see each other transform or it’s stated for them when/if the awakened character decides to introduce themselves with their canon title. Unless logic dictates that transformed character is the one missing from a very short list of thread participants, no one should be able to recognize them unless they saw their transformation first hand, just like in canon.
Will awakened characters be able to recognize those that had been corrupted and vice versa? Will the characters who haven’t been awakened recognize either?
For awakened characters to be able to recognize those who had been corrupted, we request that you make the in-character WIS dice roll of sense motive versus deception with each other (1d6 + WIS + the deception/sense motive focus if applicable). If the first character’s deception roll is drastically higher than the second character’s sense motive roll, the second character will be unable to discover the corruption. However, if the second character rolled the much higher score, the second character will be able to see the corruption. If you want help with this, please ask one of our staff team to step into the thread and moderate this short exchange.

Same goes for interactions between the awakened characters and those who aren’t awakened - but the awakened characters are the ones who will have to roll for deception. If the score is high enough, the human characters will be more likely to ascribe anything strange on general mayhem occurring in our version of San Francisco rather than one specific character’s being behind it. Just like in the events, editing or ignoring the rolls any character makes will be considered powerplaying. You will be penalized accordingly, as described in appropriate section of our concept and guidelines.

How will an awakening or corruption for some characters influence in-character interaction as a whole?
Most of this will be up to the discretion of the players as well as following the logic of acquaintanceship for their characters. Talk to the other writers and see how that influences whatever you’ve developed before, and keep on playing. A large part of the Sailor Moon universe relies on the growth and evolution of relationships such as friendship, family, love, hate, and so forth. They affect everyone’s everyday lives, and they doubly affect those of the characters who have awakened or have been corrupted. Have fun, but remember that communication’s key here, and we’d like to encourage you keep it up. It will help both you to keep your plots on track and us not to get confused with what happened where while we’re working out the site plot.
Can I opt out of awakening my character?
Yes! While we work under the assumption that everyone had a past life, not everyone will awaken to this realization. Opting out means your character will remain human and focus on life in the present. At this time, we will not be allowing these characters to roleplay in the Silver Millennium forum and discourage their players from announcing who they might have been in their past life. Our focus is on the present and the impact our characters make on the situation at hand. We do, however, encourage the use of the AU forum for all thread ideas you wish to explore. To opt out of awakening your character, please visit the moderation thread.
Silver Millennium

Can I roleplay in the Silver Millennium?
Only awakened characters can roleplay during the Silver Millennium. All threads that happen during the Silver Millennium are considered canon, however they are not remembered in the present unless they are bought either as a Full Memory or a Memory Fragment. Only the character(s) who bought the memory will remember it.
Why is my unawakened character not allowed to rp in the Silver Millennium?
While our site is largely built off our members’ plots and ideas, it also works within its site wide plot, which is being slowly revealed over time. We see threads set in the Silver Millennium as canon. As such, since you (and sometimes, even us!) are uncertain in what role your character will awaken, allowing unawakened characters into the Silver Millennium forum will create problems with site plot continuity. Even when the change is as small as a different planet or a different character class, it can significantly alter In Character consequences for plot and characters - be they relationships, that character’s views, or character availability for those threads.
Do I have to buy a memory to rp in the Silver Millennium?
No! You only have to buy a memory if you want your character to remember it in the present.
Rolling & Dice

How do I roll?
The code for rolling is:


There are 3 parts to every roll:

  1. X: the number of dice you are asking the code to roll for you.
  2. Y: the number of sides the dice will have. As of this time, this number will always be 6 - we only use 6 sided die here.
  3. Z: any modifiers, bonuses or foci you might need to add. This number might be negative - just replace the plus with a minus sign in that case. This part of the roll can be omitted if the modifier is 0.
NOTE: Sometimes you might need to add more than one modifier to your roll. Say for example that you have a -1 to STR but you also have a melee focus, which adds a +2 to applicable rolls. the code will only accept ONE number to add to the roll. You will have to add them together for the roll. In this case, if you were adding it to one six sided die, you would add -1 to 2, and it would look like this: 1d6+1.
When do I roll?
Generally, you will only need to perform rolls when your character is in an event. Mechanics are the backbone of our events, and dictate exactly what happens and how. For these rolls, the Fate account (your thread moderator) will resolve them, usually by counter-rolling behind the scenes to see if your roll passed or failed. If you have questions or need help, have no fear- your thread moderator and other members are there to help you. You can also ask combat questions in our combat channel in Discord, or in our special Combat Help forum.
Can I roll in a regular thread?
This is possible, but such rolls will not be resolved by fate; it's the equivalent of a coin toss with the weight of your modifiers and foci added to it. If it's an environmental roll - a search check, for example - you can resolve that yourself in the same thread by additionally rolling a Target Number - if your roll is greater than or equal to the target number, you succeed.

If it's a roll against another player, you would have to talk with them about how best to proceed. Say, for example, you wanted to persuade their character to do something- you could talk with them about rolling, then roll your check. They would then also roll their check- and the highest succeeds.

Whatever works best for you and your thread partner(s) works for us, but again - these rolls will not be resolved by fate.

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