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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Awards Catalogue

Here is a list of awards for you to collect! Please be sure to claim any awards listed here in the Points & Awards Claim thread. We do have a collection of secret awards you can win that will be awarded automatically, so be on the lookout for them!

OOC Awards

These are awarded to your OOC account. You may only claim these rewards once.


Advertised on 10+ sites
Contributed a code for the site
Participated in an OOC game
Recruited a member
Posted an introduction about yourself
You’ve been with us for 1 month
You’ve been with us for 3 months

Development Participation

Adopted a wanted character
Completed character trivia for 1 character
Completed character trivia for 2 characters
Completed character trivia for 3+ characters
Completed 3 writing prompts
Completed 5 writing prompts
Completed 10 writing prompts
Completed 20 writing prompts

OTM Awards

Character of the moment
Member of the moment
Relationship of the moment
Thread of the moment


These are awards for special services done for the forum! You've gone above and beyond to earn these, and will be displayed differently than regular awards. These banners are our way of saying thank you for help building this community and this game.
Content Creator: Created special content or media (i.e. videos, podcasts, graphics, etc.) for the forum itself
Lore Specialist: Submitted lore for our site wiki
Event Instigator: Helped our staff create a plot device for an event
Shop Owner: You own a ooc shop and rent out your services to the community
Administrator: Became a member of the main staff team

IC Awards

These are awarded to your character accounts. Please specify which character account you are claiming with each of these awards.

Post Count

Reached 30 posts
Reached 50 posts
Reached 100 posts
Reached 350 posts
Reached 500 posts
Reached 1000 posts


Plotted with 5 characters
Plotted with 10 characters
Plotted with 15+ characters


Completed a thread in Education
Completed a thread in the City
Completed a thread in Shopping & Nightlife
Completed a thread in Local Services
Completed a thread in Residences
Completed a thead in Around the Globe
Completed at least one thread in every forum


Completed a bad weather day thread
Completed a bad luck day thread
Completed a sightseeing thread
Created an open thread
Joined an open thread
Completed an unusual circumstances thread
Completed a past thread
Completed an Alternate Universe thread
Completed a dream thread
Completed a communication thread
Your character utilized their skills/profession
Your character learned a new skill or practiced an old one
Completed a thread that has more than two characters; all participants must make at least 3 posts to claim
Your character explored their weakness or had their weakness exploited by others
Your character showed off or knowingly explores their strength

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