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"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Shop Catalogue

This a catalogue of all the items available in the shop and what exactly they do. Some items may seem rather ambiguous, so they're explained here in a little more detail. To purchase these items, just visit the Shop and click the buy button next to the item. Once you buy it, let our staff team know in the stat-updates channel in slack which character account you bought it on so that they may properly apply it to your account.

Did you think of something that would be fun to buy in the shop that isn't currently available? Then let our staff team know! We love adding buyable items, and we'll work hard to get you what you want.

Equipment, Armor, & Items

These are new items and weapons you can purchase, as well as armor upgrades.

600 pointsArmor Upgrade: upgrade your AR score by +1
500 pointsMysterious Item: buy a mysterious item for your character in-game. Who knows what this item does, or whether the fortune it brings is good or bad. There's only one way to find out...
550 pointsNew Weapon: buy a new magical weapon for your character. The actual weapon is up to you to design; our staff team will only give it stats.

New Characters & Awakenings

These are items you can buy when you want to create a new character or ensure your characters' awakening.
2000 pointsAwakening Spotlight: shine a spotlight on your character and get the staff's attention! This doesn't promise an awakening, but rather promises that staff will get more involved in your character's path to it.
700 pointsNew Character: your first three characters are free- after that you will need to purchase each new character. It's hard on the game (and the staff) when there are a lot of characters in play, so show us that you're dedicated and earn yourself an additional character.
500 pointsMemory Fragment: Awakened and unawakened characters
A short Fate Intervention post in a regular thread that contains a memory from the Silver Millennium. It is up to staff discretion whether this memory is something specific or is just general plot information. Once awakened, you may choose to play out this memory in a Silver Millennium thread with other awakened characters. There will be no further Fate involvements. Only the character that purchases the memory will remember it.

You may also purchase this for your character to remember a Silver Millennium thread that is currently ongoing or already finished. In this case, Fate will not step in to reveal the memory to you during a present thread, but is left up to your discretion when it is remembered IC.

900 pointsFull Memory: Awakened characters only
This is a thread during the Silver Millennium between awakened characters with heavy Fate involvement, either as a series of interventions or as lead by Fate. Only the character that purchases this memory will remember it.
2000 pointsSide Quest: A unique plot point for your character. Side quests are not directly tied to the main plot, but run tangential to it. They expand the world and lore with heavy staff involvement. Side quests will also include other characters, but the character that buys it bears the brunt of the action.

Stats & Skills

These are items you can buy to boosts your characters stats and give them new skills.
200 pointsSTR +1: add +1 to your current strength score. The maximum is 4.
200 pointsDEX +1: add +1 to your current dexterity score. The maximum is 4.
200 pointsCON +1: add +1 to your current constitution score. The maximum is 4.
200 pointsINT +1: add +1 to your current intelligence score. The maximum is 4.
200 pointsWIS +1: add +1 to your current wisdom score. The maximum is 4.
200 pointsCHR +1: add +1 to your current charisma score. The maximum is 4.
300 pointsHP +1: add +1 to your current health score. There is no maximum.
250 pointsDEF +1: add +1 to your current defense score. There is no maximum.
650 pointsStats Reroll: reroll all of your starting stats. You cannot pick and choose which stats to reroll - it's all or nothing. Any modifiers you've bought or won will be added to your reroll.
175 pointsStat Redistribution: switch two of your stats (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, or CHR).
800 pointsExtra 1d6: give yourself an additional 1d6 to roll with during events. You must be awakened for this to take effect.
700 pointsNew Major Action: Buy a powerful new action for your (awakened) character. This does not give you extra actions per round, but a new major action to choose from.
500 pointsNew Minor Action: Buy a new action for your (awakened) character. This does not give you extra actions per round, but a new minor action to choose from.
1000 pointsSecond Major Action: buy a second major action per round for your character. This only affects the amount of major actions you can perform in a round. They do not stack- you may only purchase one.
700 pointsSecond Minor Action: buy a second minor action per round for your character. This only affects the amount of minor actions you can perform in a round. They do not stack- you may only purchase one.
400 pointsNew Ability Focus: buy a new ability focus for your character. All available ability foci can be found in the Combat Guide.

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