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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Face Claims

These are the actors, models, and musicians that represent our characters. Please remember we use real life face claims, and they all must be at least eighteen and preferably within a +/- 5 year range of your character’s age (though exceptions can be made). Reserves can be made by posting up a work in progress application and will last for 2 weeks. Upon acceptance, your character's face claim will be added to the list below. If you need any help finding an accurate representation of your character, please feel free to ask.

Alejandra Alonso
Alex Pettyfer
Allison Scagliotti
amanda seyfried
Ana Ularu
arizona muse
Bridget Satterlee
candice king (1)
Candice King (2)
chris evans
daisy ridley
David Tennant
Diana Korkunova
Dominic Sherwood
dove cameron
Dylan O'Brien
Elle Fanning
Elsa Hosk
emeraude toubia
Ezra Miller
Gal Gadot
Gerhard Freidl
Grant Gustin
Hayden Panettiere
jensen ackles
Jessica Lange
jon kortajarena
Josephine Skriver
jun ji-hyun
Kaylin Machland-Wright
Kazuya Kamenashi
Kristen Bell
Krysten Ritter
Ksenia Solo
lee ji-eun
lee sung kyung
luke evans
Mila Kunis
miley cyrus
nick jonas
nicola peltz
Nina Agdal
Noah Galvin
orlando bloom
rachel mcadamas
reece king
Rick Cosnett
Rihanna Fenty
Sae Miyazawa
Samuel Larken
Sana Minatozaki
Seth Green
Steven Amell
Tanaya Beatty
Timothee Chalamet
Trevor Jackson
Tyson Ritter
Yan An
Zoe Saldana
Character Occupations

The occupation claims are here to help us plot easier when it comes to various professions our characters have and the ways these roles may bring them together. Once your character is accepted, we’ll add you to the list! Please only claim one occupation per character.

Kindergarten Teacher - Celeste Landor
Student (Automotive Technology) - Isaiah Moore
Student (Business & Marketing) - Taryn O'Shea
Student (Communication Studies) - Jenessa Landor
Student (Criminal Justice) - William St. Clair
student (Marine Biology) - Naomi Rosales
Student (Mythology & Occultism) - Simon Beckett
Student (Psychology) - Pandora Mendelssohn
Student (Recreation, Parks & Tourism) - Sara Kim
Student (Aerospace Engineering) - Sterling Cadwallader
Student (Kinesiology) - Cerys Halloran
University Substitute Teacher - Mirella Petrov

Ballet Dancer - Philippa Mathis
Burlesque Club Owner (Fiona's) - Fiona Vaccina
Burlesque Dancer (Fiona's) - Chanel Madeline
Burlesque Dancer (Fiona's) - Delia Demetriou
Celebrity Chef - Etan Arceneaux
Pianist - Theo Hwang
Talent Manager for Kokoro - Wendell Abrams

Emergency Services
Firefighter - Unit Captain - Daven Mercurio
Paramedic - Jason Argyris
Volunteer Firefighter - Freya Kesser
Volunteer Firefighter - Reina Takahashi

Health & Wellness
Celebrity Fitness Instructor - Jasper Maddox
Martial Arts Instructor - Kyouya Yagami
Nurse [Lab Tech] - Phaedra Hilson
Physical Therapist - Henri Roussel
Surgeon - Noah Crestwood

Law Enforcement
FBI Agent (Deep Cover) - Veronica Reyes
Head of Homicide Department - Lyra Landon
Homicide Detective - Ryan Desrosiers

Boutique Assistant - Ayane Sato
Boutique Owner- Aura Collingwood
Magic Shop Assistant - Simon Beckett

Food Service
Barista (cafe unknown) - Naomi Rosales
Bartender (Vice) - Cleo French
Bartender - Shay Wolfe
Food Truck Owner (Werewaffle) - Quinn Nielson
Manager (Dine on a Dime) - Nicola Owens
Pizza Delivery Person (unknown) - Freya Kesser
Waitress (Dine on a Dime) - Lisbeth Cooper

CEO of Cromwell Industries, Inc. - Rupert Cromwell
Co-Owner of Hungreez, INc. - Adalia Helmsley
Drug Runner & Fight Club Fighter - Axel Zulueta
Freelance Artist - Celeste Landor
Freelance Computer Programmer - Abigail Rayne
Hockey Player - Gabriel Alekos
Managing Editor - Hana Oh
Mechanic/Autoshop Owner (The Hammerhead) - Mallory Absel
Mechanic/Gang member - Josiah Demir
Mechanic (The Hammerhead) Tobias Caslin
Paranormal Researcher - Simon Beckett
Personal Bodyguard - Charles Edmond
Personal Secretary- Ronan Halloran
Professional BMX Rider - Diana Landor
Sabre Fencer - Astrid Song
Tattoo Artist - Orion Price
Tour Guide (Alcatraz Prison) - Jemima Collins
Vogue Editor-in-Chief - Cressida Rey
Robotic Engineer - Lydia Cowen

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