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NPC Guide

NPCs, or non-player characters, are characters we use as filler - characters to incite conflict in a particular thread or story. They are meant to get the action moving and provide our characters with an obstacle to overcome. They give us a valuable opportunity to examine a scene and our characters’ context within that scene from an outside point of view. This allows us to build suspense, include details, and expand on development that we might otherwise miss. To best implement them into our game, please read through our quick guide below and see our list of current NPCs available for play.

We use several terms throughout this guide and list of characters. To familiarize yourself, please see below:
  • PC: Player Character. A character in the main cast of the rpg who is controlled by one of the players of the story.
  • NPC: Non-Player Character. A character who appears sporadically with no defined role or plot. A minor, background character used to move along a plot or bring a PC, or multiple PCs, into conflict. NPCs are the characters that populate the world and largely live outside of our story, but are affected by the major plot developments.

  • There are four kinds of NPCs in use:

    • Recurring Character: A recurring character is a NPC that is integral to a PC’s life, like a relative, friend, mentor, etc. They appear often in a PC’s interactions to provide support or present conflict to move the characters’ development and story along. They are not controlled by any one writer, but may be controlled by many, and represent an emotional and immersive tie into a situation. If you submit a recurring character, understand that they may be played by everyone.

    • Guest Star: A guest star is a NPC that has a prominent role within a thread or event, such as a victim, a key source of information, a villain, etc. They are adventure-specific and usually only appear in one thread or situation. PCs will have a fairly long interaction with them in that thread or situation, but only in that specific story arc. Guest stars can be played by many writers. If you submit a guest star, understand that they may be played by everyone.

    • Extra: An extra is the background NPC. They are the faceless and nondescript characters that exist to carry out a job, like a shopkeeper or janitor, that appear once to incite an action and then leave again. Extras can be played by many writers and are not added to our list of active NPCs unless they become a recurring character.

    • Temporary Character: A temporary character is similar to a recurring character, but is played exclusively by one writer. They are recurring, but with more defined characteristics.

NPC Rules
  • NPCs should not overshadow PCs in any given thread. They influence our characters, but do not influence the plot in the same way our PCs do.
  • You should not be posting with NPCs instead of your PC. NPC posts will not count toward your activity.
  • You may not enter a thread with a NPC without permission of the player(s) in that thread, unless it is stated as an open thread.
  • You may play an NPC in your own thread(s).
  • You must announce which NPC you are playing at the start of your post by using the NPC BBcode button and typing in their name.
  • Some NPCs are listed as playable by staff only. These NPCs are used only in events or as Fate with staff intervention and are not to be played elsewhere.
  • For the purposes of past lives/memories threads, all NPCs you might want to add to the thread will not be considered as canons. While you'll be welcome to introduce a character to help with the plot if necessary if your character has awakened, be aware that we won’t be using them as basis for the canon characters. The canon slots belong to the writers of active PCs and no one else.

NPC Account
NPCs can be played by anyone who needs them. They provide an objective, outside view of our characters, while also creating a more immersive world. This account is open to be used by all players to be used as you see fit.

It is recommended you use the NPC Account when you:

  • Are without a PC of your own in that group/location
  • Have a PC unable to act for some time for IC reasons (i.e. injury, incarceration, etc.)
  • Are very active and waiting for replies in other threads
  • Have temporarily more free time for threads
  • Want to experiment with playing other types of characters

NPCs should never be your priority when posting, but should be an additional source for creativity and character development for PCs.

Specific NPC interactions will be posted by the designated NPC account. You will be PM’d the NPC account password upon acceptance and will be able to login to it as needed.

Creating a NPC
To add a NPC to our active list, please PM the following form to one of our staff members. All fields are required unless stated otherwise, though you don't need to be specific with absolutely everything.

[b]Face Claim:[/b] (optional - it is recommended to use lesser known models/actors or an out of date likeness)
[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Brief Personality:[/b]
[b]Distinctions:[/b] (any mannerisms or unique characteristics)
[b]Other Notes:[/b]
[b]Type of NPC:[/b] (Recurring, Guest, or Temporary)

List of Active NPC's
Below is a list of our active NPCs. All characters not listed as Temporary Characters are available to play by everyone. To play a NPC, just login to the NPC account and play accordingly.
Beth Abrams
Recurring Character / 39 years old / Software Engineer
Beth is a serious, business-minded woman. She doesn't partake in small talk and she doesn't bother trying to be kind when she can be direct. She's really embraced the look and personality of a high-ranking employee of one of San Francisco's many tech companies. She has no qualms doing absolutely whatever it takes to get whatever it is that she wants.
She was born in San Francisco, and grew up in a rough neighbourhood. Her mother was distant and over-punitive with her, which caused her to rebel farther. When Beth's grandparents died and left the family farm to her mother, she stayed behind in San Francisco, despite her mother really wanting her to move away from the city. She became pregnant with Wendell at a very young age and immediately gave them to her mother to take care of. She spent ten years in the city doing whatever until she met back up with Wendell's father, who convinced her to get Wendell back so they could start a family. Those few years were terrible, but eventually she escaped that cycle (and Wen's father) by graduating school and landing a job working in Japan for a year. That job was the beginning of an ultra-successful career, which she has spent her entire life focusing on. She is now a leader in the field and spends much of her time travelling.
Is always going to and from other places on business. Probably has no discernible habits. Tips extremely well. Doesn't talk about her child, but things about them a lot. Drinks coffee black- has no time nor faith in baristas for sugar/milk ratios.
Zinnia Guo
Recurring Character / 52 years old / Wedding Business Owner
It's obvious from first glance that Zinnia wears the metaphorical pants of her marriage. She's a kind woman, but also a very serious one when it comes to her work, and she doesn't shirk from making important decisions in a quick and efficient manner. She's rather gentle and easygoing otherwise, but has a bit of a tendency to be a little too much of a perfectionist when it comes to little details, a trait that often drives her husband and children insane.
Zinnia was born in San Francisco, the daughter of Hong Kong Chinese immigrants. From a young age, she was interested in traditional Chinese dance, and attended university in Beijing, where she met and befriended Liu Xiantao, Theo's mother. An injury forced her to retire from her career as a dancer in her late 20s, and she returned to San Francisco where she met her future husband and began building a career in wedding planning. She remained in touch with Xiantao even after leaving China, and agreed to assume the role of Theo's legal guardian when he came to the US at 13 years old. She still lives in San Francisco with her family and runs a highly successful business. She has three children of her own - Lourdes and Caspian, who are both 20, and Waverly, who is 16.
You know how your parents are way too into something after you show it to them? That's Zinnia when it comes to figure skating and Chinese modern romance dramas. She can't get enough of either.

She and Theo are incredibly close, and he views her as his real mother, as Xiantao had very little to do with his upbringing other than tutoring him in music. He helps her out at her business whenever he can, and still constantly calls her for advice. She takes interest in his activities too, and is always asking about how he's eating or what friends he's made recently (seeing as he has...close to none)

Penny Lane
Temporary Character - played by Meghan / 22 years old / Barista
When she’s working the stand, she is usually quite chipper and the epitome of customer service. Occasionally, a peek into how she is really feeling slips out that she immediately shoves away.
Former student as SFSU. Currently down on her luck. Works at the Coffee Stand that is on the quad at her alma mater.
Tends to tug the ends of her hair when she’s stressed or nervous.
Senator Philo
Guest Star / Past Middle Age / Neptunian Senator
Senator Philo is an ambitious, selfish busybody. He sticks his nose in everything he can to later use to his advantage somehow. When he's not included in something he feels is important, he will butt in. And if he's unwelcome, he begins to panic and make excuses as to why he should be included. He thinks himself very important, and in some regards, as a high ranking senator, he is. But he doesn't know his place in most matters, and often finds himself where he doesn't belong.
Philo has been an elected Neptune senator in the Congregation of Tides for the better part of his life. A career politician, he has always had great ambitions. Once a charismatic and promising politician, as he matured he fell into complacency and became out of touch with his constituency. With a wife he barely sees, his work has become his life. And more often than not, he falls in and out of favor quite rapidly.
Senator Philo appears only in the Silver Millennium, and largely only on Neptune.
Guest Star / Early Twenties / Handmaiden to Sailor Neptune
Quite timid and shy, Psamanthe is very loyal to her mistress, Sailor Neptune. She is very curious, and though she tries not to be impertinent, there is a lot she wishes to learn. She is at the beck and call of her mistress, and would do anything she asked of her.
An orphan, Psamanthe was taken in as an infant to be raised as a handmaiden, an insignificant face in the crowd to assist nobility and ranking officials in daily tasks. Very shy, she excelled in her training and became on of Sailor Neptune's handmaidens. Often acting as messenger or courier for her mistress, Psamanthe has met people from across the Silver Millennium, yet is always awestruck and intimidated by the important figures she meets.
Psamanthe appears only in the Silver Millennium, and only on the orders of Sailor Neptune. She may make appearances across the galaxy on her mistress's beck and call.

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