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San Francisco Paranormal Society

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Weird Happenings... And Hellos!
Posted by SFMulder on 1/12/17
Hello and welcome to SFXFILES.com! We've swelled in number since the new year, so I wanted to welcome you all officially. It makes perfect sense that we've gained so much traction in only a week and a half, because some pretty wild things have been happening... Read More
Reach Out Please
Posted by SFMulder on x/xx/17
Stranger and stranger things are happening in San Fransisco. Most notably this sleeping sickness that hitting the population. Doctors are unable to give anyone answers, and it’s causing people to be scared. With the disappearances, strange mobs... Read More
Anyone Else Suspicious?
Posted by cowbird on 1/15/17
Does anyone else find this whole thing suspicious as hell? There are no chemicals as far as I know that produce a large cloud of red smoke and render everyone unconscious but also make one person manically play the trumpet. And if the red smoke appeared in...Read More
It's real.
Postedby by SFMULDER (admin) on 02/02/2017
Some people have told me that the feds are trying to cover up what really happened, and if they are that’s total bullshit. The clip that is in the beginning of this post? They mention the feds all over the place. I don’t think they know what is going on; I think it’s just as much of a mystery...Read More
About Us
Who We Are:
The SFXFILES is a local paranormal investigation team based out of San Fransisco. By using the latest tools and techniques of paranormal investigating we seek to document and explain paranormal activity. We provide services to clients who are experiencing paranormal activity in their home or workplace.

Our Mission:
To observe and document paranormal activity that is occurring in the San Fransico metropolitan area and surrounding areas. We are here for our community as a place to go to learn more about the paranormal and its presence in our city. SFXFILES is a place free of prejudices and for our fellow citizens to find someone who will listen to their experiences with the paranormal. We are here to provide consultation to people who are experiencing paranormal activity and provide options to deal with its existence.

Our Vision:
To become a leading paranormal investigation organization in California.

What We Provide:
Consulting Services, Investigating Services, Information On The Paranormal

Interested in joining us?
We are always interested in hearing from local paranormal investigators who are serious about joining a professional paranormal team. Send in an application here!

Experiencing paranormal activity at your home or workplace?
We are here to listen and understand what you are going through. This is your place to feel comfortable talking about the paranormal activity that is occurring. Head over to our Contact page to find more information on how to contact us for help and understanding.

Contact Us
If you are looking for assistance, please visit our web forum. You may contact our webmaster, SFMulder, directly or open a new discussion topic to better understand what's happening to you.

We are not responsible if the activity in your house increases or decreases after we visit. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens before, during, or after the investigation.

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