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Staff How-To Guides
Here are all the guides we have on how to do our staffly duties. If you have any questions on anything or would like to request a specific guide, let Sage know! She's intimately familiar with everything, unfortunately.

How to Accept a Character
When you accept a new character, there are a few things you need to do to make sure they get sorted correctly and their colors are right! So make sure to follow the steps below (though the order you do them in is up to you):
  1. Read the app! We usually like to get at least 2 opinions on each app to make sure there are no inconsistencies and that this character has a future in our story. Once there is consensus, scroll to the very bottom of the page until you see a dropdown box on the left that says "Multi-Moderation."
    • Choose Accepted to accept the app. This will move the application to the shippers.
    • Choose Pended to pend the app. This will reply to the thread with the standard pended reply. If you choose this option, send them a PM detailing why they were pended and what they need to do to be accepted. After 2 weeks of no reply, move the thread manually to the archives.
    • Choose Denied to deny the app. This will reply to the thread with the standard denied reply. If you choose this option, send them a PM detailing why they were denied. After two weeks of no reply, move the thread manually to the archives.
  2. Once you've accepted the app, open the admin cp and scroll down to Users and Groups>Find/Edit/Suspend User. Search for the user you've just accepted and click Edit Details.
  3. Scroll down and fill in the options from Level to CHR Focus. Use their roles and member group info to fill these in.
    • if their base HP is less than ten (the number they rolled), set it to ten and add their modifiers afterward. Do the same for DEF.
  4. Change their Member Group (twice: once at the top and once just above their stats) and add their Member Color in the appropriate field.
    • Humans: #65869c
    • Senshi: #98587e
    • Royals: #047979
    • Warriors: #729c65
    • Advisors: #c78852
    • Legends: #b14949
  5. Add all their stuff into the new wiki pages for the Member Directory and Claims. If you're unsure how to edit these pages, click here.
  6. Delete the rolls from their application. Now that you've put them in their permanent profile, they're not needed anymore!
    • Don't forget to add their preferred planets to our list here!
  7. If this is their first character, don't forget to send them a PM to invite them to our slack channel and give them the npc account login. Ask for an email address they would like the invite sent to and let them know to expect it shortly.
    • Example PM:

    That's it! You've accepted a character!

How to Awaken a Character
When you awaken a character, there's a lot to do! So here's a guide of what you need to update, what you need to send out, and how to do it all!
  1. The first step is to actually post their awakening! Make sure to use the following code in your Fate post.
    • Where the X is in the code, replace it with the image url for their awakening!
    • To find the correct image, go to admin cp>file manager>awakening images. Then copy the right one!

  2. Congrats you awakened a character! Now it's time to get their writer up to speed! They'll need to design their character's armor, weapon, and actions and it's our job to walk them through it. So send them the following PM and don't forget to fill in the appropriate information!

  3. Once you've sent the PM, it's time to edit their account to reflect their new member group! Go to the admin cp>users and groups>find/edit/suspend member. Search for their name!
    • You'll need to edit their member group twice and change their member group color to the appropriate hex code. You can find those codes in the post above about accepting characters.
    • Change their dice to 2d6.
    • Add any automatic class perks that they don't have to choose from.
  4. Finally, you will need to edit their application/shipper to match their new colors! This is really easy:
    • Open up their shipper and click edit.
    • CTRL+F and put their new member group in all caps after the all of the following classes:
      • appname
      • appstat
      • appauthor
    • like this: "appnameWARRIOR"
    • Alternatively, tell Sage to do it and she'll do it in 2 seconds.
  5. As a note: the minimum for MP is 12 - this allows both major actions and a minor or two to be taken during the round.
And that's it! You've awakened your first character!

How to Edit Wiki Pages
To edit wiki pages, open up the admin cp and scroll down to Skins & Templates. Click on Webpage Maker. All of our wiki pages are listed there. Click Edit on the right to edit the page you're after!

There are several pages of wiki webpages, but if you can't find what you're looking for, search for the title of the page and it should pop right up.

There is a lot of code to wade through in the wiki pages, so be careful about what you're editing. Ctrl+F is the easiest way to find the sections you want to edit. But nothing is unfixable - the layout is pretty simple so, if you break something, just alert Sage and she'll fix it right away. No worries! Just try not to delete/remove any of the pages. Sage has them all backed up, but it's a hassle to import them back in!

How to Edit the Claims & Member Directory Pages
When accepting a new character, you will need to updated the Claims page and the Member Directory page. Follow the steps above to find the correct pages and just copy the codes below for each section.

To add a face claim:

To add an occupation:

To add a new member:

To add a new character:

How to add a new event section to the Plot
When we conclude an event, we need to put a summary of what happened on the plot webpage so it's easy for everyone to reference! Below is the code to do so:

How to Deactivate an Account
When someone creates and account and only lurks without posting anything, they're probably not interested in actually joining our game. They need to be taken out of the active users list by moving them into the inactive member group, but we should try to check in with them before we do so. Send the following PM to their OOC account after 2 weeks of no productive activity. If we get no reply or they say they don't want to join us, go ahead and move them to the inactive group.

How to Post an Announcement
When you post an announcement, there are several things you should be doing in addition to posting the actual announcement!
  1. Post the announcement in the announcements forum.
  2. Send a mass alert letting people know there's a new announcement. Not everyone subscribes to that forum and won't get an alert unless you send them one manually.
  3. Edit the announcements box that sits on top of the cbox to include the new announcement at the top.
    • Go into the admin cp>skins & templates>Webpage Maker.
    • Open up the Announcements webpage.
    • Put in the date the announcement is being made and link to the thread with a short description.
    • Click Edit Webpage and you're good to go!

How to Add to a Character's Stat Sheet
So you need to add something to someone's stat sheet! Either a skill, a weapon, an item, etc. Here's how!
  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Go to Users and Groups>Find/Edit/Suspend User.
  3. Search for their name.
  4. Scroll down to the appropriate field. Either Skills or Weapons & Items
  5. Use this code for every skill/weapon/item/etc:

  6. Click Save.
And that's it!

How to add a Development Forum Description
If you're adding a new user's subforum, use this description:

If you're adding a new character subforum, use this description:

How to add points to an account
Here's the quick guide on adding points to an account. There's no quick way to do this in bulk, meaning you'll have to manually calculate every point addition, so good luck!

  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Scroll down to the "Users and Groups" section.
  3. Click "Find/Edit/Suspend User."
  4. Search for the account you're giving points to and click "Edit Details."
  5. Scroll down to "Member Points" and add however many points they've claimed/won.
  6. Click "Edit This Member."

How to add items to the shop
Here's the quick guide on adding items into the shop. It's a little weird, so if you have any questions, please ask!

  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Scroll down to the "IBStore" section.
  3. Click "Add Item."
  4. Choose the dropdown next to IBStore Main Items and choose "Unusable". Submit Changes
  5. Fill out all the fields! It's ok to leave the numbered sections at their defaults unless you want to limit them.
  6. Don't forget to add an icon (or ask Sage or Poppy for one)!
  7. Click Submit Changes.

How to add awards to an account
Here is the quick guide to adding an award. There's no quick way to do this in bulk, meaning you'll have to manually put in every award, so good luck!
  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Scroll down to the "Users and Groups" section.
  3. Click "Member Awards."
  4. Fill out the form and click "Add Award." The award has now been, uh, awarded!
    • For the Image, just copy and paste the image url from the awards post.
    • For the Given By field, just put Staff.

For the special OOC banner awards, it's a little different! Here's how to do these:

  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Scroll down to the "Users and Groups" section.
  3. Click "Find/Edit/suspend User."
  4. Search for the user you want to award.
  5. Scroll all the way to the bottom to "OOC Awards."
  6. Insert the following code on a new line:

    Make sure to enter in the image link and the title for the award.
  7. Click "Edit this member."

How to Send Mass Alerts
Need to alert everyone about an announcement, event, rule change, etc? It's SUPER easy!
  1. Open the admin cp.
  2. Scroll down to Users and Groups. Click Mass Alert Members.
  3. Unless its a specific alert for a certain member group, leave the top part with the bubbles alone. It's automatically set to push the alert to all accounts.
  4. Type your alert in the message area! You can use BBcode, but you can only fit 200 characters into an alert. You can include links.

How to Accept Advertisements
When someone posts their site ad in the First Links forum, here's what to do:
  1. Open their ad post.
  2. Open their website and go to their advertisement section. Copy and paste our add code ([align=center] or [center] for JCINK-style forums, [center] for all other style forums) into a new topic and submit our add.
  3. Go back to their topic in our forum and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find the dropdown box that says Multi Moderation.
  4. Click the option that says "Accept Ad."
    • Doing this will move the topic into our accepted ads forum and you never have to look at it again!
  5. Repeat for every topic in the first links forum

How to Add an AFfiliate
As we get affiliates, you will need to add them to our affiliate bar at the bottom of our site. Here's a handy how-to guide:
  1. Login to the Admin CP.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to the "Affiliates System" section.
  3. Click "Add Affiliate"
  4. Fill out the form.
    • For UserID, just put 1 (this will link me as the affiliate submitter. it's not important, but 1 is easy to remember instead of typing in your own urser id's)
    • Type in the site name of our new affiliate
    • Put in their board url
    • Put in their button url
  5. Click Submit.
And that's it! The new affiliate will appear at the bottom.

How to Add a SFX-files Entry
When adding an entry, always check with Raye first! Selena Lockheart runs the website IC, and everything that gets posted there is common knowledge to every character. But when you do post something, here's the rundown of what you need to do:
  1. Make a post in the SFXfiles forum! You can use your character account (if you character would post something there) or the Fate or NPC accounts for random or anonymous posts.
  2. Open up the Admin CP and scroll down to Webpage Maker. Find the www.SFXfiles.com page and click Edit
  3. Add the newest post to the website homepage!

  4. Push an alert out so everyone knows there's been a new post!

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