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Staff NPC List
Below is a list of our secret NPC characters playable only by staff. These are here so that any of us can play them as needed in a thread and still keep them a mystery to our members.

Queen Selene
Ageless / Lunar Queen, Leader of the Silver Millennium
Diplomatic, cunning, and overly protective of her own. Warm, motherly, caring. Ambitious, proud, and extremely set in her ways. Meticulous, slow to change, deliberate in actions. Detests unnecessary violence, prefers a diplomatic solution to arming a nation. Uses the powers granted to her only as a measure of last resort.
The first Lunarian Queen, Selene’s life (as well as that of her only daughter and her immediate Court) was extended enormously by the Legendary Silver Crystal, a talisman she received at the same time as Earth’s then-Royal family received the Golden. Unlike with the Earthlings, though, Lunarians are much longer lived, and Selene had time to come to power. Her rise to power happened during Sailor Wars. As this ancient conflict shook the Galaxy, Selene marshaled those of the Sol System to take a stand and in doing so, successfully stopped Chaos from crossing the Sol’s boundaries for a time. Using the power of two Crystals, the Moon and the Earth’s royalty raised a barrier of magic to stop darkness from spreading, and for a long time, the System enjoyed prosperity and peace.

However, where the Earth’s royalty changed, as the Golden Crystal didn’t grant them long age, Selene remained. Losing dear friends and allies on Earth led her to isolate the planet and to isolate her only daughter from making potential allies due fear of hurting Serenity with losses. Her fear wasn’t unfounded - the Lunarians’ natural longevity, especially the long age guaranteed by the Silver Crystal, allowed them to outlive most of those in the Sol and allowed her and the rest of the Court to grow complacent and distant from the rest, which in part explained her inaction when Sol System’s people started to fall sick with unexplainable illness.

When discovered, she was the first to denounce Erisians’ method of cure as inhumane but still refused to use the Silver Crystal’s healing powers to help her people. In doing so, created herself an enemy she didn’t notice until Erisians turned to the Golden Kingdom in search of alliance, accusing Selene of doing nothing to save the people and spreading a revolt that involved half the Earthlings going against the Moon and their own. In a desperate gamble, Selene used the Silver Crystal in order to banish Metaria to Saturn with agreement of Saturn Royal Court, but by then it was too late. Selene destroyed herself as a result. Her talisman passed on to her daughter, Princess Serenity, who was the only Heir to the throne sheltered from realities of war.

Weapon - Legendary Silver Crystal. Selene always carries the crescent-shaped Moon Stick with her at all times and she’s too aware of the price that’s needed if she ever unleashed its full power. On Selene's death, the Crystal found its way to the untrained hands of Princess Serenity as heir to the Lunar throne.

At the moment, Selene's spirit resides on the Moon in the rubble of the Lunar Kingdom's main palace, guarding the temple that houses the gates to the dream realm and the Doors of Time. It will appear from time to time to aid the characters as/if necessary, especially her reincarnated daughter and the members of the Lunar Court.

Ageless / Leader of Evil
She’s apathetic, naïve, and indifferent to others’ plight. Calculating, possesses great influence, a capable leader on par with Selene. Values power, thrives on spreading fear, wars, and bloodshed. Became a part of Chaos, entity rather than human, and no longer is able to turn back. Signifies and brings out the worst in humans, whether nightmares, behavior, or both
At the time of Sailor Wars, Metaria, then known as Beryl, worked within the Golden Kingdom as priestess of Elysian. Like the advisors of Lunarian Kingdom, Metaria was Helios’s counterpart, and where he was looking out for the best of the kingdom on the open, she was the one who worked in secret for the same goal. Wielding the power equal to his, she supported Lunarians when they declared Erisians’ method of curing the illness spreading throughout the Sol as inhumane and for a while, that made the Golden Kingdom allies of the Silver Alliance.

That peace wasn’t about to last. The Golden Kingdom, the last one to join the Silver Alliance, was often unstable politically and militarily. In the state of near-constant warfare, its members tended to fight among themselves more than they tended to stay united against the common threat, and despite Beryl’s and Helios’s attempts to broker peace, the royal family and the generals who were their primary supporters were no exceptions to the rule. Though the two priests repeatedly appealed to the Moon for mutual aid during the crisis, Selene chose to remain at the sidelines of this conflict.

What none anticipated was that Selene’s inaction in this regard would cause the Golden Kingdom to side with Eris. In part, the choices of the Earthlings themselves were to blame. In part, Beryl’s run-in with a hooded stranger who offered her a chance to save those of Earth from the sickness that by that point started to spread into the Golden Kingdom, as well. She did not anticipate that the stranger was a personification of Chaos, nor did she anticipate that she would be caught in the Chaos’s net where her entire being would be twisted beyond recognition. Having had her true heart taken and with the powers she already possessing multiplied by Chaos’s influence, Beryl became more than human.

The being Metaria emerged as both the leader of the Earthlings as more and more of them fell under her control and the main agitator of the attack on the Moon Kingdom, which would result in Selene’s death and Serenity’s ascendance.

Just before the Silver Millenium ended, Metaria was sealed by Princess Serenity in the heart of Saturn. Overtime, the seal weakened, and rebirth of the Silver Alliance members from the past triggered the weakening of the seal created by the Silver Crystal in tandem with Sailor Saturn’s final strike.

Escaping from her prison, Metaria was drawn to Earth and is now lurking on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. She and those she touched are looking for their enemies, those of the Silver Alliance, with intent to either bring them to their side or destroy them by taking their energy and preventing them from awakening. Metaria’s goal is to complete the Earthling revolt started during the last years of the Golden Kingdom’s existence that took the lives of the Prince and his Generals and weakened Helios.

Talisman: the Golden Crystal. Initially belonging to Helios and Earth’s royal line, Metaria discovered the Golden Crystal after it was lost to the ages during the destruction of the Golden Kingdom and took it for her own. With the Crystal in her power, Elysian is opened to Metaria’s increasing influence, turning the already unstable landscape of dreams into that of nightmares that negatively affects humanity as nightmares lead to lack of sleep and shorter tempers, among other negative influences.

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