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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Rules & Concept
Only a Memory Away is loosely based on the Sailor Moon franchise. Using a unique combination of rules and battle mechanics from D&D and AGE, it is a turn-based play-by-post roleplay. Heavily driven by character development and plot, we hope to make this project a fun and creative experience for everyone involved.
Please register your OOC account first.

You may use any handle you wish (preferably your user alias), so long as you keep it clear of offensive language. This will be your root account for the site, which you may use for posting out of character and managing your character accounts.

Post with your OOC account in the OOC sorting thread when you create it, but don’t post anything else there. The only purpose of the OOC sorting thread is for the staff to be made aware of your OOC account and to sort it accordingly. Your post there will be deleted once it has been taken care of.

Please register your character next in proper case format (First Last names, i.e. Usagi Tsukino). If you made a mistake, it’s easy to fix in the personal profile section of your settings panel. You may work on your application for this character for the next two weeks, and if you need any help with it meanwhile, please let us know. When finishing your character application, a staff member will only review it once the appropriate rolls are made. Please see our newbie guide for details on how to do this.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Please be respectful of our members and staff and keep the OOC drama to a minimum. Though we know not everyone may get along, if you can’t resolve a conflict yourselves, please ask our staff team to intervene privately. We all love IC drama, but not OOC, and we want our community to feel safe and inclusive.

As we continue to grow, we are implementing a system to help dispel potential negative atmosphere that results from conflict onsite. Should a situation arise, we will first approach any parties in question to discuss the conflict privately. If we don’t see any improvements after a number of these conversations, our staff team will PM the party in question to outline our concerns and any actions we are forced to take should this behavior continue. If this behavior persists, we reserve the right to ban the involved party from our forum and discord channel. Please keep in mind that this is subjective, and we reserve the right to ban the offending party without considering this system should they prove disruptive enough to our group, regardless of whether said party is a member or a guest of our site.

We are an 18+ site as defined by JCINK ToS.

To join, you must be 18 years of age or older. All characters must be over 18, as well. Sex, swearing, drugs, violence, and so on? Go right ahead, but be sure to mark your threads appropriately - make sure to use our Mature post icon and list mature content you expect into the thread’s first post so readers may continue at their own risk.

You are also encouraged to list anything you are unwilling to read/thread in the limits section of your application so we can mark our threads with appropriate warnings and act accordingly.

Our posts have the hide content and trigger warning tags. Please be sure to use them at your discretion.

We define powerplaying, metagaming, and godmodding as stated by this guide.

Please utilize shippers, private messages, and our discord channel to talk with your partners about what will happen in-game. Unless someone makes a formal complaint to the staff team and cites the instance(s) they’re concerned with, we will ignore any problems under the assumption that you’ve already discussed it.

In the case of a complaint, the staff team will decide if it meets definitions of powerplaying and take action accordingly.

Our activity rule is very lax. So long as you’re able to post in your spare time and reply to our interest checks, you are considered an active member. Posts that count toward activity include In Character forums thread replies, Communication forum posts, and event participation.

If you do not post at all for two months after either your registration or last in-character post, do not have a notice of absence active on the forum’s away board that covers the lack of posts, and/or do not finish your application after two weeks since its initial posting, both your character account and your OOC account will be archived and you’ll be removed from our discord for inactivity. You’ll also lose a canon slot if you earned one and all your claims - remember to reclaim when you’re back and active if they haven’t been taken.

If you hope to earn and keep a canon role, it's recommended you be as active on our in-character forums as you can be. We consider these roles for those with higher activity first.

If your character(s) were archived due to inactivity, you may reclaim them at any time, provided none of their claims had been taken by other characters meanwhile. Just send a PM to one of our staff members and we’ll be happy to welcome you back.

If you know you will be away and unable to post for more than a week, please post an absence notice so your partners are aware of your lull in activity.

We are a literate, no word count site. You can write as much (or as little) as you feel needs to be written, but please ensure you give your partner enough to move your thread along. Make sure to communicate with your partners about expected post lengths.

Please use the [post][/post] tags throughout your IC and development writing posts to help keep a uniform, easy to read look of the board.

We always try our best to ensure that our event threads move slightly faster than regular in-character threads.

All participants have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to an event thread, though, if possible, you’re encouraged to respond faster and/or employ rapid-fire threading (that is, posting once a day or more often) to ensure that event threads aren’t held up or dragged out.

There are no penalties for missing a single round during the event. You may be skipped for three consecutive rounds with no penalty, but the thread moderator won’t wait on you after that. If you are able to, you may rejoin the thread if it’s still ongoing, however, your lack of activity there does ensure that you will lose any rewards you may have earned if you’d have made it through the entire thread.

Starting out, you have three free character slots you can use. After your third character, you’ll have to use 700 points that you gain during roleplay if you want to make more. You may earn those points through in-character posting, participating in site events, and so on, and spend them in the shop to buy a new character.

Please only make as many characters as you can actively handle. At the time of your creating a new character, all of your existing characters must be active. After you pass your three character limit, if you would like to create further characters, you will need to show via your forum activity that you can actively take on another. If you are not consistently active, your request for further characters may be denied.

Make sure to let our staff team know you've purchased this new character slot BEFORE you begin their application. We cannot have applications sitting in the registration forum for two weeks while you're still gathering points. And do not hide your new character account by registering them under a different OOC username or in any other manner. This practice is very disruptive for our staff team. You will be denied any characters you hide, especially if we’re forced to double-check them to match them with their players.

Alternatively, if you would like to archive a character, please let our staff team know via our moderation thread.

We use real-life face claims, which means no personal or random model photos, youtube stars, artwork, or animanga claims are allowed. Keep to actors/actresses, signed models, and musicians. Face claims must be at least 18 years of age and preferably +/- 5 years of your character’s age. Diversity is encouraged. All claims are first-come, first serve. No multiple claims unless the characters in question are identical twins. Face claims will free up once an account goes inactive. If you need help finding a face claim, please feel free to ask.
Please keep all images within JCINK ToS. The staff team reserves the right to remove anything that doesn’t meet this rule without advance notice to the poster.

For profile graphics, you will need a 200x400 px avatar that goes into the profile and a square image that can be either .jpg/.png/etc. or .gif that will resize to fit. Our application has two images, a cover image that is 500x400 px, and an icon that is 100x100px and can be either .jpg/.png/etc. or .gif. If you need any help creating or editing images, please feel free to ask.

We do not require signatures, though if you’d like one, we recommend making them no larger than 500x200 px (and always remember to credit their maker if it's not your work, a simple thank you will do). Posted images may not exceed 600 px in width. If they needlessly stretch the board, they will be removed.

We do have a private discord channel we use for easier communication outside of the cbox to the right of your page. We use this channel both for chat and especially for the periods of time during which we’ll run events. You’ll be invited to join it by PM after you have your first character approved. As you'll need an email to join it with, please register with one you won't mind us noting for this purpose.

You will be removed from discord should you either repeatedly break conduct or fall inactive for a period of time stated in our activity rule.

Please keep our forums and c-box clear of advertising; we have a designated advertising section specifically for that.

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