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Through Heaven's Eyes
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Premise: San Francisco, California, 2017
The Golden City. The City that Knows How. The City by the Bay. Paris of the West.

San Francisco is a city known to many. Its legacy is ever changing. It attracts people from all walks of life, from natives to tourists. From the gold rush that birthed it to the current economic boom that keeps it flourishing, there's never a dull day in the Golden City.

But lately, there’s been a darkness hanging just off the bay, a nightmare lurking just below the waters. Exiled long ago, it found the way back into our world and is sharpening its claws just out of sight.

Yet this evil isn’t the only thing that shouldn’t be here. As their awareness of the danger to their world grows, the warriors of old who defeated it thousands of years ago will awaken to face it again, though for now, they slumber in the minds of ordinary men and women. Are you one of them? Will you aid the others to success or will you be an instrument of their failure? The choice is in your hands and your past is only a memory away.

Arc: New Moon
Something dark has awakened in San Francisco. A seal, long forgotten, cracks open and a darkness spills out. Something lurks, feeding off the dreams of humans and causing pain and anger wherever it treads. San Francisco is heavy and nightmares haunt the streets. But how long until our worst fears spill out into reality?

Act 1: Nightmare
It's New Year's Eve and San Francisco is in celebration. Fireworks splash across the sky and revelry rings throughout the streets to welcome a new year of fun and excitement. But when the city falls alseep, a nightmare haunts its denizens. The hunt has begun, but who are the hunters and who is the hunted?

Hunting Party 1 This group found the wolves that they came for. Marlene Luka fought with pleasure and ruthlessness, while on the other end Avery Northington refuses to fight - she overcomes her enemy in another way, purifying the wolf of the dark force within. The purified wolf then leads the party to its den, where a terrifying vision can be seen.

Hunting Party 2Encountering human enemies instead of the expected beasts, the discord among the second party’s members ensure they are taken down one by one until only two are left alive. With Megumi Nakamura taken into the darkness, Reina Takahashi is left the last woman standing to look for a way out.

Hunting Party 3This is the group that questions their surroundings. Why are they here, what is their purpose, do they really want to fight for something they are uncertain they believe in? Ending up with more questions than answers and a battle forced on them by what looks like a man-made trap, one of their own becomes lost to the dark. And yet, they somehow emerge victorious, though the feeling is edged with that of defeat.

Hunting Party 4This party finds there are more beasts in the night than the four-legged kind. Though they are able to cooperate and drive their enemy away using the sacred fire, Charles Edmond is dragged into the void, lost to the nightmare, while Eva Golightly falls behind.

Waking from the nightmare, the city seems unchanged. And yet, it would be recorded as one of the city's, if not the world's, most violent celebrations to date. And that violence would only grow as the new year continues, spreading its ugly claws through the streets of San Francisco. But what does that mean for our heroes?

Act 2: Daydream
Two weeks after New Year’s debacle, San Francisco’s air is heavy with magic and danger alike, and more people are dragged into the new reality during a day out in Golden Gate Park. As red fog descends on the city, the children of the Silver Millenium begin to awaken to find that all they knew and cared about is gone and they are responsible. Will they succeed under new pressure, or will they break? Only time and resurfacing memories will tell.

Catch You, Catch MeDrawn into the reprise of the hunt at Chinese Pavilion on Stow Lake, this party’s members find themselves to be hunted this time as they bring the wolves to them. Amidst fighting magic and failing, James Clark’s awakening as the Earth Warrior helps him gain confidence enough to turn the battle while Isaiah Moore, Fiona Vaccina, and Cressida Rey manage to outlast the ones targeting them. But was that truly a victory, or did they merely halve the pack of elemental wolves that resemble those from James’ dream? Only time will tell.

JazzParkgoers lounge in a field, listening to the music of a street musician. The music begins to increase in energy and anger - and the parkgoers begin to loose consciousness. Ayane Sato, Celeste Landor, Mallory Absel, and Reina Takahashi stumble upon this scene, and use varying methods to combat the musician, who slowly turns into something very inhuman. While Ayane and Celeste want to use words to calm the beast, Mallory and Reina are willing to physically harm the human inside to save the people whose energy they're stealing- Reina awakens as Uranus Royal upon making the decision to sacrifice one for the good of many. The instrument, however, remains, and it begins to search for a new host...

Jazz Part II: CodaAyane, Celeste, Mallory and Reina travel to a secluded island in the middle of the lake in the park with the intention of destroying the cornet that's brought them so much grief. It begins to try and break them down - it guilts Ayane about her dreams, makes Celeste feel as if her courage is not enough, probes Mallory about his bloody past. It takes a direct interest in Reina - the awakened Uranus Royal - and her newly-untapped power. A psychic battle takes place in the minds of the four, and Ayane awakens- her powers are blocked by something, and she can remember little from her past. She tries to reason with the spirit inside the instrument, but her compassion confuses and angers it even more- it is Reina who ultimately destroys the evil with her rapier.

MuseumWhether for a wedding in the gardens or for the art, the Museum is a hotspot of activity. Oddly enough, though, the sculptures in the garden have been removed... But it looks like there was something of a dogfight on the grass. Nora Halen takes the lead, stealthily following the tracks until she comes up to a pack of wolves hiding in the trees - made out of metal and ceramic. Tomoyo Murakami takes a louder approach - she begins yelling at the noise in the trees, intimidating the wolves to attack. Cleo French finds an axe and Pandora Mendelssohn fashions a trap, and together they manage to defeat the pack.

Rockabye LullabyA shopping event at the Kezar Stadium turns sour when a fog descends on the field and people start to go missing. When Avery Northington goes off her own to find them, she discovers them under a sleeping spell in the food court. And when the fog settles in, the sleepwalkers start attacking. When the child is threatened, she awakens as Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, Wendell Abrams discovers who's putting people under his dark spell in the pressbox, and when Lisbeth Cooper is threatened by the shadow man, they awaken as the Venusian Royal. And though they are able to pull the shadow out of this man, they learn that not all can be saved, for the second shadow man pulling the strings sacrifices his own life for his cause of evil. And though the fog has lifted, the darkness still remains, as Ryan Desrosiers will know all too well.

Spirit of LanternsFor whatever reason, Charles Edmond, Mira Haugen, Selena Lockheart, and Thomas Darcy find themselves at the Japanese Tea Gardens. As they step into the gardens, the gates close up behind them and they are given a quest - save the hostages along with the spirits inside. They are given gifts to achieve this goal, and their curious paths take them far - but not far enough. In the end, Selena and Mira are thrown out of the garden after Mira slights a dragon, and Thomas and Charlie place their trust in a spirit that did not have the best intentions for them. The garden remains tainted and the hostages, unsaved.

Star StruckA peaceful day at the Academy of Sciences is everything but. The museum goers are irritable and angry, and it's not long before Abigail Rayne, Tobias Caslin, and William St. Clair are drawn into a riot. But the real danger starts when they get trapped in the planetarium, stalked by a pair of wolves that seem to be the cause of all this violence. With Toby on their side and Abigail as their prey, all seems lost. Until Toby awakens as the Mercurian Advisor, and starts fighting for the light again instead of the darkness. Though the battle is won, not all escape unscathed, for Abbi was bitten and the darkness is beginning to spread. But Will may hold a clue - an item with strange markings could lead him to the cure.

Stranger Than FictionWhat was meant to be a place of fun and games for the Alliance roleplaying group turns into a trap for one of their own during the break. When she’s found by the strangers in the strange land, she’s corrupted by the evil that changes the roleplaying props into a small village blocking the way to Conservatory of Flowers, and lures the others to her side. Between the two of them, Marlene Luka and Salome Martell manage to convince Megumi Nakamura to the side of good. As Megumi awakens to her past of the Neptunian Royal, she turns the tide of battle of wits in their favor. The corrupted player falls into uneasy slumber as she’s freed of corruption, becoming instead one of the many victims of unknown phenomenon lately plaguing the city.

After the events in the park, news of a chemical attack surfaces on the news, but no one seems to know what's really going on. No one except those caught up in the park that day, anyway.

Act 3: Clair de Lune
Nearly a month after the events in the park, corrupted hacker Abigail Rayne sends the city into a blackout. She's only proving herself, a contingency plan in place to show she's in control. But she isn't. The darkness inside of her made this more than just a blackout. With a click of a key, the power dies and a powerful electromagnetic pulse radiates outward, knocking out technology and communication lines, including computers, cell phones, etc. And for those holding the mysterious mirror shards, they're transported somewhere unearthly.

Crystal NightsAvery Northington, Ayane Sato, Celeste Landor, and Cressida Rey wake up during the blackout to find themselves not where they'd been only moments before, but standing together in a grand ruin ravaged by time. After meeting an ethereal woman who seems to know each of them, she asks for their help. Pray to the Pillar and bring back the light of the Silver Crystal. Only it can save you. Yet only Celeste and Cressida are so forthcoming with their trust. When Avery and Ayane refuse, a darkness descends and threatens them, taunting them and trying to persuade them to its cause. And Avery is of a mind to let it. It's only when they finally begin to work together does the darkness lift, and Queen Selene reveals herself. It was all a test, and she is disappointed with the results. But they know their salvation now. Find the Silver Crystal. Only it can save them. These women have a long way to go, but she leaves them with three gifts, a brilliant sapphire, a disguise pen, and a word of warning. This battle has only just begun.

White RabbitCharles Edmond, Reina Takahashi, Abigail Rayne and Ryan Desrosiers are transported into a long-forgotten memory of a woman named Beryl by their mirror shards when the blackout hit. Beryl attempts to lead them through what remains of the memory of her last days in the Silver Millennium, but her reluctance to admit her wrongdoing and the group's questions slow them down. Ryan grows impatient and leaves the memory, and Abbi follows. This draws the attention of Metalia, the demon that possessed Beryl and brought about the fall of the Silver Millennium. Metalia focuses on the previously-corrupted Charlie, trying to win his loyalty. Charlie awakens as the Moon Warrior and accepts her power. Instead of bowing to her as his queen, he vows to defeat her and restore honour to the Moon Kingdom. Charlie uses the mirror shards to create a portal back to San Francisco and he and Reina escape as Metalia consumes what is left of Beryl's soul, having found her last hiding spot.

Red QueenAfter Ryan Desrosiers and Abigail Rayne jump through a doorway and away from the memory that Beryl had preserved, the two find themselves in much more chaotic territory. Beryl, having been possessed by the demon Metalia for eons, had hidden what was left of her soul in a single memory while the rest of her was controlled by Metalia. Ryan and Abbi witness Beryl's memories of the fall of the Silver Millennium- how the Moon did nothing to save its kingdom and in the end the solar system fell to chaos, sickness and war. Metalia focuses on the corrupted Ryan, trying to win his loyalty- Abbi uses this as a distraction to sneak off, trying to find an escape. Instead, she finds one more memory of Beryl's- one including herself in her past life as the Saturn Warrior. Ryan casts off his corruption, and Abbi rejoins him. Together they rip open a portal back to San Francisco.

In the DreamingThe land of dreams and nightmares is more than just a human’s imagination, as Hana Oh, Thomas Darcy, and Mira Haugen find out when their mirror shards activate. Finding themselves in Elysian, they learn the story of Earth they didn’t know existed and about a talisman that can help heal the evil, the Golden Crystal. But they aren’t as alone as they believe. The dead Queen’s protective influence is cut short and, as they battle their fears and desires, these three are ultimately responsible for releasing evil into the modern-day San Francisco, leaving their mirror shards where they came from. Now, evil haunts not only their steps, but hunts those awakened to their pasts, doing its utmost to stop them from interfering into the evil’s attempt to break through its seals further.

Moon TranceWhen their mirror shards activate during the blackout, Selena Lockheart, Megumi Nakamura, Cleo French, and Isaiah Moore find themselves transported into a dream of a memory belonging to the Queen of the Moon. As their nightmares and ability to believe are tested, Selene outlines a future that may happen if nothing is done - the one that is startlingly similar to the destruction that had fallen on her own Kingdom. She has but part of the cure, the knowledge she passes about Saturn and their healing powers, but also warns to watch them all - a wrong move from either side may lead to history’s repeat rather than the healing of all hurts in this time, as well. Now, Megumi has a part of her Senshi’s talisman and they know about the others, but what will they do with what they have learned?

SafewayChanel Madeleine, Aura Collingwood, and Dorian Vidal are doing some grocery shopping at Safeway when the power goes out and a strange voice starts to compel everyone within to take what they please. After shaking the voice and hearing a scream, Chanel leads the group to investigate, whereupon they find a man with a cellphone attached to his face. He is crazed, looking for the light, and Chanel nearly talks him down when Aura leads an attack. Swinging in the dark is more difficult than it seems, and after a few failed attempts at him, the two women lead him toward the front just as the lighting topples from the ceiling, a man standing in the space declaring the store as his. The man is knocked unconscious and bleeding, Aura finds herself trapped beneath the debris, Dorian is missing and Chanel leaves to find help for Aura.

Market St.Theo Huang, Lydia Cowen, and Anise Muir all find themselves in the same intersection with a corrupted wolf. Lydia runs and bars herself in a nearby starbucks, but finds two women who become corrupted as well. Anise tries to confront the wolf, trying to calm it. The two corrupted women break Lydia's barriers to join the wolf, and Lydia and Theo rush to meet with Anise and the two women. Anise purifies the wolf, and it staggers off into the distance. The two corrupted women remain, and things get violent- something changes within the women, and having accepted the power of corruption, they flee.

36 hours later, power is restored to the city, but it still has to deal with consequences. Because none of San Francisco's citizens were left unaffected. Some lost their businesses and have to recover their fortune. Some lost their lives or someone close to them. And some had their eyes opened to the supernatural in the city. The city became a stage for the ancient game of Light and Darkness. Only time will tell what this may truly mean - and for whom.

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