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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Staff Wiki Homepage
Welcome to the Staff Wiki Homepage! If you're seeing this, then you're a member of our staff team. Here's where we keep the compendium of important links, instructional guides on how to be effective staff, and all the secret stuff members shouldn't see!

Technically, members can see all of these pages if they're given the direct link, so be sure never to do that! They just don't have the quicklinks at the top of their screens for them.

Offsite Links & Documents
These are all the off-site links we use commonly. Like for Google Docs, Asana, etc.

Character Classes & Characteristics Complete list of attributes and characteristics according to character class. What to look for in potential awakenings. Also includes preliminary planet attributes.

Point Tracker For tracking who has claimed what points for what activities.

Nem's Demographics Member and character demographics and bullshit that's been super neatly compiled. Great for quick referencing!

Focuses Explained A more detailed explanation of what each stat focus does.

Combat Lists A compilation of TNs, weapons, skills, and their stats. Beautifully put together into a spreadsheet for easy referencing.

San Francisco Map For use on the setting wiki page - includes character-created areas.

Other Important Stuff
For guides on how to do staff things and other stuff that we keep here on-site.

How To Do Staff Things A long guide on how to do all the things you need to do as a staff member (i.e. accepting applications, awakening characters, updating wiki pages, etc.)

Staff NPC List A list of all the NPCs used by staff whose details are still a mystery to our members.

Staff Awards Secret awards used in events, contests, etc. that members have no idea how to obtain. They are given out automatically.

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