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Character Classes

We have five classes that your character can awaken into. Each class comes with their own perks, abilities, and roles in battle. Though it is up to you to design your character within each class, below are the guidelines each is based off of and how your character will be guided by Fate.

HUMANS - #65869c
The class every character starts in is Human. This is the most diverse member group with the most potential. They are the ones that created great kingdoms of men, discovered new knowledge to help them prosper, and ultimately brought about their own downfall. Perhaps the greatest strength they have is listening to their hearts and minds and learning from their mistakes so the past won’t be repeated. Add focus in Engineering (INT) or Stamina (CON) and +1 to DEF to start off with.

SENSHI - #98587e
Wielding combat-based magic and lore, the senshi are also fighters skilled in a wide range of martial arts, though some may choose to select a weapon and spell range to specialize in. They are the carriers of the sailor crystals, or true hearts, with energy nearly as boundless as those of the royals. Their ties to the rest of their planetary court allow them to adapt skills and advice of those from their planet. The Senshi are never male. Add WIllpower (WIS) or Lore: Arcane (INT) and +1 DEX if your character awakens in this group.

ROYALS - #10998e
Though they’re capable of direct participation in battle and do so at will, the royals’ primary roles are those of leaders, healers and tacticians, their planet granting them abilities to strengthen, encourage, heal, and direct the members of their planetary Courts. They’re also the ones directly connected with their planets, making their continued survival the only chance a planet has to be reborn. They draw upon their innate magic for battle, and their connection with their planets makes them irresistible energy sources to those depending on it. Add Healing (INT) or Leadership (WIS) and +1 WIS if your character awakens in this group.

Warriors - #729c65
Sworn to defend the rest of their planetary court, and their Royal in particular, the warrior class are those at the front lines, relying on heavy armor, weapons, and their strength to win the battle. Their unique connection to others allows them knowledge of the others’ abilities and ability to utilize it best if the respective class of the same planet is present, thus able to use magic should any of other three classes share their knowledge. Add Combat: Melee Weapon of Choice (STR) or Combat: Ranged Weapon of Choice (DEX) and +1 STR if your character awakens in this group.

ADVISORS - #c78852
Keepers of knowledge and wielders of magic tied to their specific element and planet, the advisors are the ones who guide the rest when it comes to their respective realm. They can be awakened in time of need, but the mantle is passed on to another through the royal of their planet should they die. The advisors are guides, not crutches, but it’s their responsibility to provide necessary aid and knowledge should their group run into trouble. Add Lore: Your Choice (INT) or Sense Motive (WIS) and +1 INT if your character awakens in this group.

LEGENDS - #b14949
Sometimes ordinary people do extraordinary things, and the legends of the Silver Millennium embody this idea as a whole. Gifted their powers directly from their planet, legends are as diverse and wide spread as the stars themselves. They channel magic tied to one planetary element and have the ability to utilize it in its entirety. Though they were sometimes lauded as great heroes of their time, and other times viewed as a threat, the motivations of a legend, whether heroic or villainous, are hard to predict - and their allegiances are even harder to win and to keep. Please refer to the staff member you received the PM about awakening from for your planetary foci choices and adding +1 CON if your character awakens in this group.

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