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Important Information
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The Newbie Guide

Please join first with an OOC account, using your alias as the name. With this account, you can post around the site, check in during activity checks, manage your character accounts, etc. Once you’ve created your OOC account, you’re welcome to create your first character. Please use the format of first name last name in proper capitals (i.e., Usagi Tsukino) to register. If you make a mistake, it’s easily fixed in the profile section of your user control panel.
This game is loosely based on the Sailor Moon universe. In terms of concepts, this means we’ll be using the canon titles for our characters’ past lives, but not necessarily their present selves. Apart from some very basic titles and lore, we have taken great liberty to make this story our own, so no knowledge of the Sailor Moon story is required. Due to this, we discourage characters that wouldn’t fit into our everyday world, as well as those with obvious similarities to canons, regardless of the timeline or the point in the timeline. We also discourage the appearances of Sailor Sol, Sailor Earth, Sailor Universe and other original Senshi (including Constellation Senshi, Zodiac Senshi, and so on) - we feel that with nine planets, there’s enough to experiment with, though some additional canon roles may become available in the future.

All our characters start out as HUMANS with normal, everyday lives, occupations, and relationships. As the game progresses, they may awaken into a member of a planetary court. Once awakened, characters will begin to discover their past lives and memories, as well as continue to explore their present with the added dimension of the past they were formerly not aware of. However, this awakening is not a guarantee. Those who aren’t among the awakened will be able to explore the changes in their world as they become aware of the remnants of a magical civilization destroyed thousands of years ago. This will be a challenge and adventure to explore from any point of view.

For the purposes of our game and to make things exciting, we use a dice system during events. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll keep to d6 dice, and in this section, we’ll discuss how to use them, specifically, for rolling to make checks.

When participating in an event, your character may want to perform a certain action. To do so, you'll need to roll a "check" to see if it was successful or if you failed and what came of it (i.e. you may find an item, heal a comrade, make an attack, etc). When a player wants to make a check, they follow the same general technique. We’ll be using a d6 throughout the game, so our formula will be [roll]#d6+all applicable modifiers[/roll].

The event coordinator will then check the player’s result against the target number (TN), which is the level of difficulty the player will need to overcome in order to succeed. If the roll of the player is higher than that of the TN, the player’s task had been completed successfully. If the roll is lower, the character has either missed or been unsuccessful.

A modifier is the number that’s based on our characters’ ability scores. Have you seen the character stats in profiles? Here’s where they come into play. The ability modifier you have in a stat is added to: your bonus from any weapons or items you have if they’re applicable; your skill focus if you’re using a skill and have the focus; the circumstances of advantage (i.e. if you’re using a charge attack or have a combat advantage). The negative score of penalty that applies to circumstances (such as attacking while prone or target has cover) is the one that will be subtracted from the sum above should it apply. All modifiers must be added together prior to the roll so it looks like #d6+modifier (instead of #d6+3+2-1, for example).

The most common rolls we’ll encounter are attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks, all of which can be done using the explanation above.

For rolling the dice, we’ll use the built in jcink roller and the formula above. DO NOT EDIT your rolls after they’re generated, as that messes up the roll and it will be marked invalid. We will know if a roll has been tampered with. To prevent complications, everyone will post their rolls after their IC post. If you’re reacting to a check, however, a post before your IC post may be beneficial. Either way, posting the checks, attacks, and anything to do with dice rolls separately from your IC posts will allow you to edit the second without touching the first, which is grounds for a ban based on cheating. If you have any questions about when to roll a check or what check to roll for, please ask our staff team.

Once you’ve posted your application and you’re ready for a staff member to review it, you will need to roll for your stat scores. Post the following code by replying to your application once it is finished:

[b]Defense: [/b][roll]3d6+1[/roll]
[b]Health: [/b][roll]3d6[/roll]

This is what your code should look like:

Dice Roll: 3d6: 5+4+4 = 13
Dice Roll: 3d6: 3+3+3 = 9
Dice Roll: 3d6: 1+5+2 = 8
Dice Roll: 3d6: 6+6+2 = 14
Dice Roll: 3d6: 1+1+6 = 8
Dice Roll: 3d6: 4+2+4 = 10

Defense: Dice Roll: 3d6+1: 4+3+3+1 = 11
Health: Dice Roll: 3d6: 4+3+1 = 8

Next, check the table below and check your rolls against the ability modifier indicated in the table. Just translate your first six original rolls (not Health or Defense) into these new scores from -2 to 3.

Don’t forget: DO NOT EDIT these rolls. Once you’ve rolled them, they’re final. Remember that these are all for level 1 characters. As the game progresses, you’ll have ample opportunities to adjust your modifiers as you see fit, so don’t worry if they aren’t what you wanted right off the bat. If they are too low or too high, however, our staff team may need to make an adjustment.

3D6 RollAbility Modifier

Now what? These new numbers go into your character’s stats. You can assign the numbers you rolled in any order you want (i.e. the first number you rolled does not need to be your character's STR unless you want it to be). Is your character smarter than they are stronger? Their INT (Intelligence) would be higher than their STR (Strength). If they’re more perceptive or diplomatic, their highest score would be in WIS (Wisdom) or CHR (Charisma). For Health and Defense, take your original roll score for each and add the appropriate modifiers. Where you assign these scores is up to you, and the possibilities of making your character unique this way are endless.

Once you’ve made up your mind, reply to your application once more with the following code to let our staff know that you’re ready for review:

[b]STR:[/b] #
[b]DEX:[/b] #
[b]CON:[/b] #
[b]INT:[/b] #
[b]WIS:[/b] #
[b]CHR:[/b] #

[b]Defense:[/b] #+DEX+CHR= if your initial DEF # is under 10, set DEF to 10 and add relevant modifiers to this minimum number
[b]Health:[/b] #+CON+STR= if your initial HP # is under 10, set HP to 10 and add relevant modifiers to this minimum number

[b]Preferred focus:[/b] Since your character starts out as Human, you may pick between engineering (INT) and stamina (CON)
[b]Preferred planets:[/b] please list the top 3 planets you would most like your character to awaken from

[b]Face Claim:[/b] First Last
[b]Occupation Claim:[/b] Category (Retail, Law Enforcement, etc.) & Position
[b]Your Timezone:[/b] For the member directory
[b]Your Pronouns:[/b] How do you like to be referred to? She/her, They/Them, He/Him, etc.
[b]Mature Content:[/b] Are you ok with writing/reading mature content? Yes/No
[b]Preferred Contact:[/b] How do you like to be contacted?
[b]Profile Link:[/b] Link to your character profile (the link when you click on your username)

Using our scores rolled above, our second code would then look like this:

STR: 2
DEX: 0
CHR: 0
INT: 2
WIS: 0
CHR: 1

Defense: 11+0+0=11
Health: 10+0+2=12

Preferred focus: engineering (INT)
Preferred planets: Moon, Earth, Neptune

Face Claim: Ellen Degeneres
Occupation Claim: Entertainment - Talk Show Host
Your Timezone: EST
Your Pronouns: She/Her
Mature Content: Yes
referred Contact: PM, Slack, & Carrier Pigeon
Profile Link: https://amemoryaway.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=1

Once you’ve posted these scores, you can’t change them yourself - our staff team will put your scores as you've assigned them into your profile that will be edited only by the staff team. If you earn more points toward them, our staff team will edit your records for you.

While you’re waiting for a staff member to review your application, make sure to fill out your user profile. Just go to Account Settings>Edit Profile Info and fill in all the information at the top regarding you and your character. This information will appear in your mini profile in posts and the main profile when people click on your username. If you can’t fill a field out for some reason, just put N/A and move on to the next. Also, don't forget to add a 100x100 avatar or gif by going to Account Settings>Edit Avatar and it will appear in the diamond in the top right of your screen, in your main profile, and next to your username when you send a private message or send someone an alert.

Upon acceptance, your face and occupation claims will be added automatically by our staff team. You will also be put into our Member Directory.

In the Sailor Moon universe, on reaching a certain level in the game, your character may receive a canon role through the process of awakening. Awakenings can occur randomly during or outside of events, however, it’s not a guarantee for every character. The best way to gain an awakening is to play the game and be active IC. Our game is heavily reliant upon plot and character growth, so if we feel the site’s story and your character’s own individual story are ready, we will awaken the character from the world that will challenge them the best, though we will take your suggestions into consideration.

As the game progresses, you may build up you character’s stats by using points you earn to buy them from our site store or participating in the events. This will help you to create a character with unique set of skills that will enhance your experience of this game.

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