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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

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Wiki Homepage
Welcome to our wiki! Here on our wiki homepage, you'll find links to all of our available information. Many of our articles still need information, and if you would like to contribute, please feel free to submit information to build our library! If you have any questions, please feel free to use our chat box or visit our guest-friendly help forum.

The wiki is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. If you click a link and are redirected back to the wiki homepage, that just means that particular page isn't ready yet! But we're working hard to get up all the information as fast as we can, so check back in a few days and it should be ready to go.

Important Information
These are our most important wiki pages. You'll be visiting these often throughout the game, and they're all easily accessed by hovering your courser over the "i" icon at the top righthand corner of your screen.

Rules & Concept An overview of our terms and conditions, as well as our inspiration. Please read these carefully before continuing into our community.

Plot & Story An overview of what's happened so far. This is where we summarize and keep a timeline of our events so you can brush up on the storyline quickly.

Character Classes Our member groups and the potential classes your character(s) can awaken into. Each class has its own unique perks and abilities.

Combat Guide A detailed guide to how our combat system works. We go over abilities, stats, dice, etc.

Canon List A quick reference of our available and taken canon positions. Though you cannot claim any canon spots, you can look at what's happened so far.

Newbie Guide If you're a little overwhelmed by all of our information, here's a guide that's laid it all out for you. If you get through this and still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Informational Material
These are the pages that give you instructions on how to do things throughout the site or give you information about certain site features.

F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions. This is a comprehensive list of all the questions we get asked a lot, so check here to see if someone's already asked the question you have!

Member Directory A directory of our members and who they play.

Claims A complete list of all of our site claims. Including face claims, occupations, etc.

Award Catalogue A list of all the awards you can claim.

Points Catalogue A list of all the activities and actions you can claim for points to spend in the shop.

Shop Catalogue A list of all the items for sale in the shop and what exactly they do.

Code Bank A bank of all the codes available for use on-site.

Staff Members An introduction to our staff members, what they do, and how they can best help you.

Credits A thank you to our inspiration and a disclaimer to non-original content.

Supplemental Information
These are helpful pages for immersing yourself into the world we've created. These pages are not mandatory reads, but they help you get a better understanding of what's going on, who's important, and what you can do around the city.

Setting Information A quick and easy supplement about San Francisco, including a map of all the local, popular haunts.

NPC List A guide on how to use NPCs and the NPC account in-game, as well as a list of current NPCs available for use.

SFXfiles.com A website has popped up to track the supernatural X-files going on in San Francisco. Catch up on the latest news and join in the discussion in-character.

Guide to Elysian The dream realm is available for play, but the rules are different than regular in-character forums.

These pages contain all of the current knowledge of planets, magic, and so much more! From the Silver Millennium to present day, all the information and reference material you need is within these pages. These pages are largely made up of member contributions.

Planetary Lore During the Silver Millennium, each of the planets had their own traditions, cultures, practices, magic, and more. Click on each planet to see their unique lore.

Mercury / Venus / Earth / Moon / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune / Pluto

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