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Aura Collingwood
Through Heaven's Eyes
"Ok be honest with me though. Are you even old enough to drink? You've gotta tell me what's on your fake...please tell me it's McLovin..."
-Gabriel Alekos

5.20.18 We're moving! Check out the announcement and weigh in on upcoming changes.

1.28.18 Happy One Year Anniversary! Check out the Announcement for news and updates.

Staff Awards Catalogue

General Awards

Celebrated our 6 month anniversary!
Celebrated our 1 year anniversary!
Celebrated our 2 year anniversary!
Celebrated our 3 year anniversary!

Event Awards

Each event will get its own unique icon that all participants will receive. If you think someone did something special enough to get a unique award, let me know! I can find a cute icon to go with it~

For these, make sure you specify which event it happened in (i.e. You were the first character KO'd in Event 1! or You healed someone in Event 1!)

Participated in Event 1
Participated in Event 2
Participated in Event 3
First death - You were the first character to get KO'd in an event!
First kill - You made the first kill in an event!
KO - You were KO'd!
Bright Idea - You thought outside the box!
Extra Life - You were revived!
Saving the day - You swooped in to save the day!
Healing touch - You healed someone!
Touched by evil - You were turned to the dark side!
Guiding Light - You were turned back to the light side!
Found an item - You found an item!
Bad Luck Brian - Your rolls were exceptionally terrible
Lady Luck - Your rolls were unexpectedly amazing!
The Negotiator - You used words instead of weapons to great effect!
Lost Soul - You got separated from your group or remained the last one standing!

Awakening Awards

Give these out once a character awakens!
Awakened as a Senshi
Awakened as a Royal
Awakened as a Warrior
Awakened as an Advisor
Awakened Mercurian
Awakened Venusian
Awakened Earthling
Awakened Lunarian
Awakened Martian
Awakened Jovian
Awakened Saturian
Awakened Uranian
Awakened Neptunian
Awakened Plutonian

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